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Stays by 4M - Our Properties in Ann Arbor

The 4M Favorite House - Kitchen

Stays by 4M - Welcome to our 15 minute neighborhood in Ann Arbor

Interested in exploring our portfolio of properties in Ann Arbor? Select any below and learn all about the property and check availability.

The 4M Townhouse: Brand New Luxury 6 Bedroom Townhome!

The 4M Townhouse Suite: Brand New Luxury Private Suite!

The 4M Townhouse #11: Brand New Luxury 3 Bedroom Townhome!

The 4M Favorite House: A Guest Favorite!

The 4M White House: One of a Kind 6 Bedroom!

The 4M White House Suite: Private Suite in Unique House!

The 4M Golden House: Beautifully Renovated 2 Bedroom Apartments!

The 4M Golden House: Four Bedrooms - Comfortably Sleep 8!

The 4M Packard House: Recently Renovated 4 Bedroom Apartment!

The 4M Stadium House: Newly Renovated 2 Bedroom 1 Bath

The 4M Townie House: Lower Burns Park 3 Bedroom

The 4M BOHO House: Clean and Spacious!